Safety Warning Snow Barrier Fence Net

Construction and Infrastructure Nets are used as utilized in various building and road construction, road-works, excavation works as warning signs and protection, as boundary definer in sporting areas such as skiing net. They are used for protection and warning purposes as safety net, safety warning net, barrier net, safety area curtain, safety barrier, road-works barrier fences.

Construction and Infrastructure Nets Usage Areas

Security net and  safety area curtain is used to alert individuals and identify warning zones in order to give protection and security. It’s employed in traffic, on construction sites, and for security purposes. In construction zones, safety warning nets are utilized around deep trenches. Nets of various colors and sizes are used in traffic, such as barrier nets, safety area curtains, and safety barriers. These nets are an important product used to draw people’s attention to dangerous places, warn or alert them.

Why You Should Prefer pack&net Safety Warning Snow Barrier Fence Net

It is used to warn in a variety of locations, including safety nets, safety warning nets, barrier nets, safety area curtains, and safety barriers. It has 50 m/Roll length, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm width, and 320 mm and 380 mm diameter. The net’s pore size is 3070 mm. It weighs between 120 and 300 grams per meter. These nets, which are often used for warning, are colored orange, yellow, blue, and green, which are among the hues that might draw attention.

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Mesh Size

30 x 75 mm


Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green


120 gr/m ~ 300 gr/m



50 m / Roll


100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm


320 mm, 380 mm

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