Garlic-onion net comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is used to preserve dry goods. Garlic-onion nets are often used to keep non-wet, dry goods. As the name implies, it is commonly found in foods such as garlic and onions. Because these nets are perforated, the product obtains air, which prevents decomposition, degradation, and worming and increases the shelf life of the items.

Garlic Onion Nets Usage Areas

It is available in the specified colors, sizes, and lengths. When packing the nets, the items are sealed once they have been placed within. Because of the sealing technique, the buyer may quickly determine whether the goods has been previously opened. The fact that the nets are composed of flexible and Ekstrude plastic is a huge benefit.

It is popular among producers and users since it is cost effective and enhances the shelf life of dry goods. After these nets have been used, they can be reused without being discarded. Many people use the files by recycling them.

As previously said, garlic-onion net has several advantages and applications. This, as well as many other nets, are manufactured by us. By visiting our website, you may check the many varieties of nets and quickly place an order for the goods you want in the size and colors you desire.

Why You Should Prefer pack&net Onion Garlic Nets?

Nets provide products with visible packaging. This packaging, thanks to its visibility, affects the buyer more thanks to its features such as being able to touch the product and seeing it comfortably. The packaging method using mesh is much more cost-effective than other packaging methods. Its length can be made as 1000 m / Roll. Its width can be made between 17 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm depending on preference. Its diameter can be realized around 110 mm and 1200 mm. Generally, white, purple, orange or red are used in nets. The weight of the nets is made as 10 gr/m and 12 gr/m. The pore size of the nets is produced around 2 x 3 mm.

Many agricultural, forestry, and landscaping supplies, such as Garlic Onion Nets, are accessible on our website. By visiting our website, you may order the required color, length, and width.


White, Purple, Orange, Red


10 gr/m ~ 12 gr/m

Mesh Size

2 x 3 mm



1.000 m / Roll


17 cm, 20 cm, 25cm


110 mm, 120 mm

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