Sapling Protection Roll Grow Tube

Effective solutions against; Chemical-Herbicide grass sprays, diseases and pests, Rodents like Mouse, Rabbit, Goats, Deers, Pigs, Mechanical damages of mowers, Frost and Hail, Boiling Hot Climates and Winds !

The desired microclimate greenhouse effect, less pruning watering !!

A healthy and strong fast-growing trunk; early harvest !!!

Sapling Protection Roll Grow Tube

The sapling protection roll tube is ideal and easy to apply for the any plants, especially for fruit trees, which stands resistant against the heavy weather conditions. It secures the trunk and root against frost, hot climate, herbicides, rodents like mouse and rabbit, mowers and it enhances faster growth of the seedlings by creating a greenhouse effect. They are manufactured in any desired lenghts and colours with holes and without holes on upper section. By add-on of UV Stabilizator they have life time of 2,5-3 years and they can be re-used on new plantations if stored clean in closed warehouses.  

For Walnut, Almond, Grape, Vineyard, Apple, Orange, Mandarin, Avocado, Mango, Kiwi, Lemon, Cherry and for oher all kinds of fruit trees it is the ideal protection product.  

They are also called as Sapling Protection Tube, Fruit Sapling Protection Tube, Sapling Protection Cover, Sapling Protection Pipe, Sapling Protection Apparatus, Sapling Protection Protector, Tree Protector, Grow Tube, Grow Shelther, Tree Shelther. 


White, grape green


100 - 130 gr/m ~ 140 -180 gr/m

Mesh Size



40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm


30 cm​, 40 cm​


100 mm​, 140 mm

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