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pack&net Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been producing since June 2003 Plastic Extruded Net which is widely used as packaging, protection and promotional material all over the world.

Extruded mesh is preferred especially in vegetable, fruit and food products packaging and promotional works, in the packaging and marketing of FMCG products, as packaging, protection, packaging, palletizing, shipping and interior construction material in various light and heavy industry materials.

Extruded mesh nets are used on modern applications in agriculture, forestry, orchards and vineyards (sylvi-viticulture), landscaping and horticulture-gardening.

Apart from packaging, it is also used as a safety warning barrier fence and underground warning-signalisation nets in construction infrastructure, road construction works and boundary determination applications.

pack&net Ambalaj, with its 20 years of experience, keeps up with changes and innovations, and provides services to many different sectors by producing versatile and efficient solutions.

With its customer-oriented approach along with standard applications, it manufactures packaging and protection products in desired dimensions, specially for customer needs.

pack&net Ambalaj continues to be a preferred brand in the sector for 20 years, not only by producing innovative, durable, long-lasting and high quality extruded nets, but also by offering success in delivery speed and customer-oriented stocking opportunities.

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Specialist in the production of Plastic Extruded Net

  • Standard applications
  • Tailor-made nettings
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Our expertise

With its customer-oriented approach and customer-specific production for 20 years, company produces high quality, long-lasting extruded mesh nets in the following standard applications.

Protection Nets
Warning Barrier Fences
Packaging Promotion Nets
Agriculture Forestry Landscape Nets